Benefits of hazelnut oil for hair

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Benefits of hazelnut oil for hair

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Hazelnut oil contains an acidic substance called oleostearic acid. This acid is a saturated fatty acid that is very popular for its use in cosmetic and beauty products. In addition, the content in hazelnut oil is still many kinds. Some other ingredients that are also very useful for humans are linoleic acid, vitamin B1, oil acids, stearic acid, palmitic, protein, myristic, fatty substances and so forth. Each of these ingredients can provide many benefits, especially in the hair. The following benefits are obtained from the use of hazelnut oil.

Overcoming the problem of loss
The use of hazelnut oil is believed to reduce hair loss. This is because hazelnut oil contains protein and minerals. This protein and mineral content can make hair follicles strong again. The use of hazelnut oil on the scalp will strengthen the hair from the root to the tip of the hair.

Stimulates hair growth
Hazelnut oil also functions as a stimulant for hair growth. By applying hazelnut for hair on a regular basis, the hair will slowly flourish because of the content of linoleic acid or a type of omega-3 fatty acids that are able to seep deep into the skin and stimulate hair growth.

Eliminate dandruff
Candlenut oil contains linoleic acid which functions as an anti-inflammatory. if you have an inflamed scalp from dandruff you can use this hazelnut oil to overcome it. Of course if the dandruff on the scalp is resolved the hair will not dandruff again. In addition to these contents, hazelnut oil is also effective for making hair look more fluffy and does not make strands of hair appear thinner.

Blacken hair
The content of myristic acid in hazelnut oil is very useful to make hair darker. Use hazelnut oil regularly to get black and shiny hair. Although not as good as hair dye, the benefits of hazelnut oil to make black hair can still make your hair look good.

Those are some of the benefits of using hazelnut oil for hair. The use of hazelnut oil can take care of your hair to stay healthy and make it more beautiful. If you want to use candlenut oil which is sold in the market, you can read the contents of the product to determine whether a product contains hazelnut oil. But remember, make sure the authenticity of the hazelnut oil on products sold in the market, at least with a sign of passing the BPOM.

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